Is there a way to execute multiple UI.Vision macro at the same time (more than 2)

Hello All…
I did a program in python using powershell command that launches multiple (between 2 and 10) chrome instance in incognito mode uising multiprocessing and run the UI.Vision “API” which is a local html file that executes a UI.Vision macro according to some parameter.

The program is working fine for maximum 2 chrome instance; but when I try more that good open the Chrome instance and UI. Vision macro but… The macro doesn’t execute. I don’t know whether the issue is from the UI.Vision side… or perhaps this is from the config of my setup (which is a good one).

Does someone have the answer for this problem? Or did someone try that before?

I try with Firefox and I am unable to open multiple instance of the UI.Vision.
I check my CPU and this is the problem maybe…
I tried to do with really small macro and still.
I tried in headless mode to avoid conflict or whatever but still.

nb: According to my contract I am unable to share code but I don’t think the issue is from my code to be honest. All you have to know is that it’s working using multiprocessing that run powershell command because I don’t have the right to use selenium.

I only use portable firefox and with ui vision I can start more firefox instances together with ui vision, so with firefox portable and ui vision there are no problems.

I don’t use Chrome because it’s too slow, it consumes too much ram and portable doesn’t exist (even the portable version saves data in various folders on the pc)

Firefox portable save all datas in 1 folder only, you can copy it and move in another folder o another machine and working

wow thank you very much, this is realyy helpfull! I will try that.
You do launch those firefox instance with incognito profile right?

I have never used the incognito mode of firefox, I set firefox to delete all temporary (cokies, cache) data automatically when it closed