Is there a command can click all elements that xpath match

Hello all, i deal with a ui lib select that use random id,and lots of hidden element on one option parent and their attribute and innerhtml is all the same,i search by text it will found 6 match in devtools and every time it sort random,but only one is funtional and can’t trigger by js click(),i want to click them all one by one,but i can’t find a way to do this in doc and forum…
i found when i xclick this xpath it will click browser left top,can’t click corrent position
can i find all element by executeScript and store them ,use while to pass them all to click?Is click command can recive element refrence store in variables as target not xpath or css?

To click all the elements you can use a loop (!TIMES) once you have verified the presence of the elements on the page you start a loop to click all the elements

i try it but it don’t work,i found it will resort or regen options every click on select element,so every time i select and click select element to click next option it sort will change, i use java and selenium it can find all and loop by ref so sort won’t break loop,but i cant find how to do same way on rpa…

Just find the best xpaths, write the webpage here and I will be able to show you how to make the macro code. It’s not a problem if the xpaths change, each web element has numerous different xpaths and some don’t change, just select a good xpath to solve the dynamic xpaths problem