Is that possible in UI.Vision rpa?

This is my first project with UI.Vision and I cannot figure out which command to use to make the label = variable that the loop will increase by one each time.
For example, the first loop label = 0001 the next loop will be 0002, can I do that?

I don’t know if label could do that or not. But you should describe your workflow more specific, I might help you with that.

By putting some thing like this:

You might make your loop perfectly.

You should dig deep into while and loop on UI Automation Open-Source Selenium IDE plus additional features, iMacros alternative, it might helps.

Ok thanks, I am not that good with the tool so I will explain what I want…

see label= 00004
I want it to be label = variable so each loop will change to a new number and continue the loop until it reaches the end of the numbers that are in the drop menu.

I hope you understand.

Just put all the value into your csv file. For example, column 1.
And fill in there label=${!COL1}.
Then try.

Thank you.
That helped me a lot.

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You should dig deep into this:

And for more commands, dig this

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