Is it possible to sourceExtract ALL links/URLs on the webpage in one go?

I have a few hundred HTML pages that each contain about 200 links.
They are formatted like: <a href="*" target="_blank" rel="noopener">*</a> (with * being the wildcard)

I am trying to extract all 200 of the URLs on page 1 to a CSV file before moving to page 2 and doing the same.
But I’m only able to successfully extract the first link, and then it moves on to the next HTML page with 200 links and then only gets the first link on it as well.

How can I go about quickly extracting all the matching URLs on a single page before moving to the next page?

Thank you!

  • sourceExtract with regular expressions

  • write some Javascript and run it with executeScript

Or (easier, but not as fast) speed up UI.Vision itself with the store | nodisplay | !replayspeed command.

You can use a simple store or storeattribute to save url in variable and after load it.

There a large amount of solution to do this hon