Is it possible to run a macro at the same speed that it was recorded?

Hello, I’m looking for a way to run the macro at the same speed/same pauses that It took to click each time. An example to clarify: I start the recording for a macro, I click to open a new tab then about 2 seconds later I close the tab. I want to rerun that macro but with the same 2-second delay or whatever it was when I recorded it. To my understanding, there’s a wait command if I had a specified length of time that I knew I wanted to wait but I’d really like to be as fast/slow as it had been when recorded.

In addition, the demos show off a click and wait however I’m unsure if that will do what I stated above. I’m currently testing with slow for the command interval however I don’t think it will work for some parts of my macro, which is 1,500 lines. If you have any insights or suggestions as to what would work, please let me know.


It doesn’t record wait times but you can easily manually add them in

What do you mean easily add them in? The entire macro is 1500 lines of click commands and the majority of them would need custom wait times (compared to just a 2-second delay). In addition, even putting a global 20-second delay won’t work for me because that defeats the purpose of creating the macro. Also, I planned to rerecord it every so often and it takes 2 hours to do that (I need to wait for a multitude of values to increase however automating that would be even more troublesome), so manually adding in wait times for each just isn’t a viable option. Although if your method would still work considering the above please let me know how or if you have any other solutions.

First, personally I would make the macro smaller and more modular. This makes everything more manageable, reduces complexity, and overall reduces code.
As for adding the manual wait times I do agree it’s not ideal but it’s one time work and then you’re done.
Possibly someone else can chime in with another solution??