Is it possible to do the following with the UI.Vision (free ver) chrome extension?

Hi! Please see the following actions I’m looking to automate (once per day):

Screencast video: Browser automation > is this possible?

  • You can see I will have a list of URLs. Each one will need to be visited
  • Need to check that the “Strategy Tester” pane is revealed
  • Copy the data to the clipboard (happens when clicking the “Export” link as shown)
  • Paste the data to cell A1 of a particular spreadsheet (for now always that same tab, same cell; I will have a script that takes that data and moves it to a different tab on each paste action so it is fine to overwrite)
  • Repeat for all symbols on the watchlist (again, will have a list of URLs for this)

Again this should run daily at the same time.

Thanks so much community! Really appreciate the validation regarding whether or not this could work.


Exoert users can do every works with ui vision free version + xmodules (free version).

For your work you have limits of Xclic/Xtype/Xmove to 25 action for macro execution