Is it possible to clear the csv file before running the macro again?

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I’m trying to find and collect titles of search results on a website. Tried it first with storeText alone, but it always stopped at the first occurence of a title and I want them all. I have a while-loop now which stores the text (headline) as !csvLine and after the loop it does csvSave, which is what I want and works as expected.

But when I run the macro again, it appends the same results in the csv, which is not great. I would want kantu to overwrite the same first line everytime the macro runs (so I can easily do other stuff with the collected data). Is there a command which can delete/clear the file before running?

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Hi @msbt

Kantu can add only line in csv not delete or edit lines.

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Hey @newuserkantu, thanks for the reply, very unfortunate, but I’ll work around it.

Hi @msbt

You can bypass this problem in 2 ways

  1. If you use xmodule and save tha csv in hard drive (your hard disk) you can run a batch file to delete the csv (via xtype command)

  2. If you use local storage mode (save csv inside kantu with csv manager) you can create a new csv directly with kantu with the function csvline and csvsave. Kantu when try to save info in csv if the csv is not present will be created by Kantu.

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thanks again @newuserkantu, the file system storage mode did the trick!