Is it possible to automate my workflow using UI.Vision?

Here are the steps… 1) I get an email alert (or Webhook) telling me that the new data is now available. 2) I then need to go to a website that I am a member of and apply certain filters in order to extract the information I need from the site. 3) Once I got all the information, I have to put them into my excel sheet in order to interpret some data. 4) I then use the interpreted data (excel outputs) to update my Pinescript code. The whole process takes about 8-10 mins and I need it to execute the workflow every 8 hours or so. I have watched the basic tutorial (the google map measurement and the calculator) and I got an impression that this might be the right tool. I would love to hear from any more experienced users who have done a similar project. Is it possible/practical to automate it?

With ui vision you can automate any website and non-web site, you just need to study well what to do (this step can take from a few hours to a few weeks) and then create the code, after correcting any errors.

It’s hard to use ui vision at first but once you learn it it allows you to automate anything.

When I started using it I was discouraged because it has many commands to learn but if you learn the basics you can automate anything, often there are different ways to automate the same thing and with experience you choose the best solution

Without studying the documentation you can automate only a few sites and the automations will be of poor quality, with possible errors and probably slow to run, by studying well you can make short but very fast and efficient macro codes

Here the docs

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Thank you for your reply. I take your answer as a yes, it can be done. So, I hope to break it down into small steps, First thing first, is there anything specific tutorial that I can follow for my first step in getting information from an email? Once I receive the email, how do I automate the software so that it knows what information I’m looking for from the email, and store it for filtering for data in the next step? I have documented the whole process in a video clip, Would anyone be able to take a look so can help me point in the right direction?

I organize the work like this.
First I think about the work to be done and write it, then I divide it into various parts and then I create the parts of the code to automate, finally I run a beta test to check if there are no errors or xpaths that change.

Creating a good automation takes time (from hours to weeks) so not all automations can be done here in the forum in a short time.