ipcPromise: onAsk timeout error

This seems like an issue from 2019 that was “fixed” but now reintroduced with this v7 debacle?

This is following a simple page refresh where the server (apparently) takes longer than 3s to respond.

Note: this worked just fine in previous version.

Do you have a test case or video for us? We can only solve bugs that we can see and recreate.

No, I can’t provide either. As with many using UI.vision, I’m automating internal intranet pages that I can’t share with you. The error should hopefully give enough clues. If the page refresh takes over 3s, I get this error.

I’ve worked around it by sleeping for 3s prior to doing the refresh. Of course, if it takes longer than 6s then I’m back to where I was, but so far 3s has sufficed.

A screenshot just of the IDE after the error happened and/or a video just of the macro running would be helpful, too. No need to show the browser content.