ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 1000 for cmd “RUN_COMMAND”, args “[object Object]”

Hi everyone,
this bug was reported here alreads but since i could not find a solution to this I want to post this again.

please check this screencast: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XmDMytk_ybDdUjN1OORg7LOgCNM6RZek/view?usp=sharing
In the video the script runs for 3 loops until the error occured. i paused in between the loops

what the script does:

  1. click on tags in tag area to delete some tags
  2. read csv
  3. insert name in name area
  4. insert tags in description area (this is a workaround since pasting directly to tag area via kantu does not work for some reason)
  5. cut and paste tags from description area to tag area
  6. jump back to description area and insert description

step 5 is where the error occurs.
the script then opens a new window and continues with the next loop.

the whole script works perfectly except for this error.

the website is also available with .com domain. the error occurs here as well.

i have a good internet connection with 90 mbit/s download and 32 mbit/s upload speed.
my computer is a little bit old but runs on win 10:


any help appreciated

No solution it’s an old bug and seems random.

I have this bug from 1 year there is not any solution and can not reproduced everytime (I think this is a random bug).

Usually this bug appears when the page reload (auto refresh or some ajax button or when you open new tabs o popup in brower)

Somethimes this bug have not any error, show this bug but macro working well.

It is a tricky issue that can happen when the RPA software can no longer connect to the web browser page. We are always looking for a good, short test macro for such a case. If we have one, we can probably debug and fix this issue quickly. We already fixed any of these case, but it seems some edge cases still survived.

Workaround: Instead of using a Selenium IDE command, rewrite the critical section with the bug with the XCLICK and XTYPE commands.