IOS UIImage Data doest not recognized by Engine 1

I user The same http post call for both, Android and IOS app. But from IOS engine 1 every time give my response attached on bottom, without parcel text. The other engines works good.

The probable I need recognize Danish latter, and only engine 1 can do that correctly.
Haw fix this problem?

I try example from official git repository for Swift, the same problem.

{“ParsedResults”:[{“TextOverlay”:{“Lines”:[],“HasOverlay”:false,“Message”:“Text overlay is not provided as it is not requested”},“TextOrientation”:“0”,“FileParseExitCode”:1,“ParsedText”:“bo\r\nbo\r\nO\r\n”,“ErrorMessage”:“”,“ErrorDetails”:“”}],“OCRExitCode”:1,“IsErroredOnProcessing”:false,“ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds”:“2375”,“SearchablePDFURL”:“Searchable PDF not generated as it was not requested.”}