Invalid URI: The Uri string is too long

Hi all,
I am sending the base64 image… it shows the error
can anyone help!!
Invalid URI: The Uri string is too long.

I have used the below image

Something is wrong with your BASE64 string then. Can you please attach the base64 you are using to this post?

I can’t able to attach the base64 value in the comments… since it is too long, so i am attaching the URL where i have generated the base 64 value

image :

This is the string we get from the base64 converter:


The problem is that it is missing the base64 header information:


Once you add that to the string all works fine:

As you mentioned … i have used the base 64 string as
But, still i am getting the same error …
Invalid URI: The Uri string is too long.
And also i need to mention the point …
i am parsing the base64 in the URL to the below mentioned API.
According to the documentationCapture7

But, In the below image … you are parsing the base64 string TO the base64 input …can you please specify, in which API you are the base64 input.

Hi Admin,
Can you give me the solution ASAP!
As we are planning to implement in our project!

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