Invalid tab id error starting with Firefox 125

This week starting with the Firefox 125 release I have noticed that all macros start start from CLI all error with the Invalid tab id error even if Firefox is already open. Macros started from the extension or from bookmarks start as expected.

It appears to be some timing error where the extension needs a little more time to connect because if the extension is already loaded/open the error does not occur.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

As a workaround, in my scripts I start a dummy macro that does nothing which errors with the Invalid tab id, sleep for 5 seconds, then start the intended macro. This works because the extension is now loaded/open.

I could not recreate this issue with Fireofx V125.0.1 and Ui.Vision V6.2.6.

But soon we will have the Ui.Vision for Firefox 2024 version. Once that version is available, please re-test if you still see this issue.

Looking forward to it and I certainly will and report back.

Just reporting that I retested with v9.1.8 and I am no longer getting the error or need the workaround!

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