Internal Processing Error

Hello, I am trying to use OCR API with python. Here is my code:

Here is the error I get:

> internal processing error occurred. Please give us some time, we are
> looking into
> this!"],"ErrorDetails":"","ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds":"343"} 

The image I am trying to use this on is this:

Can someone point out where I’m going wrong?

The OCR API can not automatically determine the image file type (here: JPG). So the solution is to tell the OCR API about it. You do this with the filetype=JPG parameter.

That said, the filetype parameter does not work since the last update due to a regression bug :grimacing: - we found out about this last week and already fixed it. The fix will be available on the production servers in a few days. I will update this ticket once available. The PRO and PRO PDF endpoints are not affected by this issue.

Yes, I setup the filetype to be JPG in the url method in my code.

Please let me know when it is fixed. Thanks!