Installing and Running in linux

I tried installing the appimage file for linux on a kali linux system. I made it executable, but instead of opening up it insteads creates a folder name uivision-xmodules. There are lots of files in the folder that don’t do anything when I click them. How do I properly install this? Do I need another program to open appimages or something? Or is this a corrupt file or something? I don’t know how to turn the appimage into an executable that will run. I checked the box and used chmod command, but still just creates a folder full of files. There are install files and stuff for different browsers. If I have to click on certain files and if in any order please let me know. I need to use this. I paid 800 bucks for ubot studio, and found out it doesn’t run on linux. I need this linux computer for building bots and the such. How do I do this?

I checked the box and used chmod command,

Ok. And then just double clicking the icon runs the installation.

What Linux version are you using exactly?

Can you please test on e. g. Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, CentOS or Redhat? These versions are officially supported and part of our QA.

I am using kali linux. I double click the file after making executable but it ended up creating a folder full of files. There are about 20 files. Some say install, but I don’t know which one runs the programs. There are some install files in there, but nothing happens when I click on them. An entire folder opens up. I also tried download from the addon’s in firefox chrome and other browsers. I am using it on a toor browser right now that is shown as firefox. Perhaps i downloaded a tor browser add-on for the firefox browser, not sure. It shows an onion though so it must be running through onion. I’ll have to check my ip address. how do I install it with a command from the command line? That might be the issue. Because I got a folder full of about 20 files and none of them read anything useful. Some say firefox install. Some say other stuff. Does it create a folder when you double click it? MY folder name is uivision-xmodules. When I try installing the xmodules from my firefox/tor browser it warns of a cross site scripting attack. Tor noticed it and warned me it could have been a potential attack/injection of script code into my browser. I’m afraid to procede further. But as I said I’m using the newest version of kali-linux and update it daily from the terminal. Thanks for response, but I’m still having issues.

I’ll have to download them. I honestly really need them to run in kali, tails, or that other one for privacy. My internet connection is slow dsl. I live in the middle of the woods aka in the middle of knowwhere. Knowing how to make it run on kali would be ideal for my purpose.