Inspect can find but UiVision gives me 'dom not found' in Tableau website

The website is a bit like Microsoft Excel Online in the browser. It’s kind of like an app in the website. But weirdly, I can find the element with Xpath in Chrome DevTools(F12), which means the Xpath is working. But with using the UiVision, it gives me ‘DOM not found’. And I really don’t know why.

In the screenshot below, the upper grey bar is able to be right click and shows the menu. But the white area ‘Product Level Data’ is unable to right click and shows the menu. Which make me thinking it’s something like Excel Online.

I found that, the website has a Tableau nested in it. So is there a way to select anything from a Tableau website?

So, is it possible to solve it? Thanks!

PS, our company computer is unable to install XModule, so Xclick is out.

Ouch, really? Because XClick is the easiest solution. What error do you get when installing the XModules? On Windows and Linux, the installer does not need admin rights!

Hmmm, there’s no error message showing up. Our security just ban something in the Xmodule. When I was installing it, everything looks fine. But after installation, it just said Xmodule not installed.

Is this on Windows, Mac or Linux?