Insert a date loaded from csv file

Hello friends, I have to fill in the forms in which there is a date to enter, the page does not allow me to write the date, but only to manually select the date.
Is it possible to load this date from a csv file?
thank you

Post url page otherwise it’s impossible provide a solution

Hello, thanks for your help and sorry for my delay in replying, unfortunately you can only enter the site with credentials and I cannot show them because I am from a customer of the company I work for, I can show the date entry form, perhaps from the photo you can help me. Thanks againSchermata

Automate this is very hard.

The easy solution is Xtype in date field and you wirte the date in your example 2020-10-26 (usually works)

OIther solution require very expert coder and can be require more days of work.

Thanks so much for the help, XType is the first test I did, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Can you post the page url please ?

Need to try some code in the page to find a solution