Inconsistent File Downloads

Hi All -

I created a macro for Chrome to download files using a repetitive process that is supposed to download 55 files. However, once the macro finishes, I often have 45-50 files. It’s been inconsistent and I can’t see why. If there’s a break or error, I usually just ‘Run from here’ to proceed, but not sure why it skips some.

Any idea why this might be?

Hello! Do you use the OnDownload command in your macro? You should use it and set the “wait for download to complete” parameter to true

OnDownload | new file name | (wait for download to complete:) true/false

Thanks Ulrich!

However, I’m using the ClickAndWait command. Basically, i’m having a command to Click an “export” button which triggers the Download. Can anything be done here?

Thank you for your assistance?

OnDownload is in addition to Click or ClickAndWait. Its purpose is to tell UI.Vision how to handle the downloads. just add it to the top of your macro.

Thanks Ulrich!

I’m not sure if I’m inputting this correctly. I apologize if i’m not. I tried, but here’s a screenshot of what happens when I try to run it now.