Incomplete automation of 2 clicks&save button in kantu, need to insert COL1 in html link from CSV table,need help

I used selenium IDE(katalon plugin) in chrome. I have a school db of 800 students.

I need to update 2 fields in every student profile -2 drop down menus.
Select “no” in both and click “Save”.

The right way to automate is to use some while loop.

The db has students profiles in this form:

I’m trying to change ID at the end like this:${!COL1}

COL1 is the ID in the csv file. I’m trying to store this value, but can’t change it.

I’m using kantu chrome plugin.

I think this is a small oversight. You write

store | student_ID | ${!COl1}

which means you store the student_id value in ${!COl1}. This does not work, ${!COl1} can only be read.

But I guess what you really want you want to do is this:

store | ${!COl1} | student_ID

which moves the value from the CSV file ${!COl1} into the variable student_ID.

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oh thx u , very good point! I did make it run and it works…

now how do I RELOGIN if it automatically logs out of db?

what’s the check condition? when it logs out and kantu tries to reach there is text on the page like “not found”

what command allows to input login & pwd?

To search for the string, you can use sourceSearch or verifyText

sourceSearch | “not found” | count
if | ${count} > 0 |
TYPE | id=username | user
TYPE | id=password | 123456

Typically TYPE… but of course you an simply record the login sequence and then copy and paste it in your macro, between if/endif.

ok, cuz of this logout issue… i was thinking about launching kantu on 3-4 machines in school tmrw.

giving each machine 100 ids to process… anyways

how do I start from next id or the last id when the log out happened?

can kantu pickup where it left off? or I have to memorize it myself? I mean automation has to be as full as possible!
it’s best to make it start again where it left on the last id and process from there!!

pls help

I see you asked the new question in a new thread: How to resume kantu from where it left off if it lost connection with db? - UI.Vision RPA - UI.Vision RPA Software Forum | Discuss RPA Automation, Selenium IDE and OCR API Text Recognition => thanks, I will answer there.

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store ${COL1} ID
if_v2 ${ID} =coco
click xpath=****

Brother, how do you need to express this?