Import macro json in local storage HTML5 feature without xmodules installed

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If I have browser with ui vision and I have NOT xmodules installed how I can import a macro json in local storage HTML5 ?

I see the menu to copy from hard drive to local storage but require xmodules to read file in hard disk.

But if i have NOT xmodules installed in machine, and I have saved in desktop a simple macro.json exists a feature do import in local storage HTML5 of browser this macro ?

Will be useful a feature to simply click, choice file json in machine and import in ui vision (html5 storage mode) without xmodules installed.

P.S.: Actually I copy macro code, create a new macro and copy the code and save, but import feature will be more fast and easy.


At the top of the treeview and at every folder and sub-folder you have an import feature:

With the ZIP feature you can export and import macros including all the required subroutines (as called by RUN), images and CSV files.

PS: To export a macro as JSON or ZIP just right-click the macro that you need to export. Technically the export is a “download” from inside the local extension, so no XModules are required.

Root level import:
Import RPA

Folder level import:

import zip and json

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