Import CSV doesn't work

I have a macro that I created to import data from a CSV file and paste into repeated forms on a web system. Lately, whenever I try to import my CSV, it allows me to select it but then nothing happens. No CSV data appears in the window, and no error or confirmation.

Not sure what might be wrong as I get no feedback. This used to work fine.

I have tried creating new CSV files, I have tried creating new macros. Neither of those works

Can you please send us the macro and/or link to the website where the problem happens?

If you do not want to post it in a public forum, you can email this info us just mention this forum post as reference.

Yeah that happens to me sometimes. Typically if I restart Kantu or simply click into a new macro and go back it seems to fix it.

Also, I have noticed, the file name with space in it doesn’t work.

Yes. No spaces allowed. Since the last update the new allowed range is now A - Z, 0-9 and the underscore symbol “_”. This might sound familiar - it is the same name range as used in many scripting languages, for example PHP.

It would have been nice if Kantu tells about the invalid filename instead of silently ignoring the file.

Ouch, now I see the issue. This is a bug and will be fixed asap, thanks for reporting it!

Nice to see such prompt response. :slight_smile: I was wondering if I should invest time in learning this new software but looking at such prompt responses I think I should go all in.

A suggestion: If there’s a file with space then instead of showing warning, how about rename it (replacing any invalid character with underscore) and import it.

Nice idea!

And yes, Kantu is worth learning :slight_smile: Plus, many more useful features and updates are planned.