Image file path using CSV (MacBook/Apple)

Hey! I have imported a CSV with data being inserted into an online form. One column is set to upload images stored on my MacBook. When using the file path in Apple’s format i.e. /x/x/x etc. I receive the error ‘[error] Line 10: id=media doesn’t exist’. Can you advise on how to correct this so that the image can be fetched? Thanks!

So a file upload is not working?

Does it work with a hard-code image URL (not from CSV)?

Neither the hard code nor the CSV method are working. The system does not accept Mac file paths it seems. Can you confirm that? For example, I managed to get it working in a Windows virtual machine on my Mac instead with a Windows file path. I have a separate issue which is stopping me wanting to upgrade. I have an issue where I record a macro and it works 60% of the time but every few times it executes a click command on a button which makes that popup/button close successfully but that does not seem to register and so it keeps waiting to execute on that same button which has since closed? I am also having issues where it toggles on a button and then just repeats it every so often too? These issues are happening occasionally and the script works as it should most of the time?