Image Comparison at Different Sizes

Hi All,

I have been storing images from websites and trying to compare them to other websites but it is quite unreliable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Note: I have already lowered it to a 0.6 confidence AND switched to desktop automation to TRUE because the browser was not working at all.

The challege seems to be the different size of images, yet they are the same image.

Thank you all.

Interesting question. Can you please post some example screenshots? E. g. screenshot of website1, website2 and the image(s) that you need to search for. Then we can test.


I would rather not as it would reveal my identity since I am automating for my group. However, you can imagine an icon size, a medium size, a large size image. I found storing the medium sized image worked the best across all size comparisons.

FYI any image with a lot of white in the background or really dark do not register as accurately.

I have also tried the last screenshot method but I find it is too limiting in possibilities to do other tasks before the image comparison.

Just to clarify: Is the goal to click on an icon on different screens? Or is this for software testing (SQA)?