Ignoring Images


I’m wondering if there is a method to have the script simply ignore something if it doesn’t find it and move on.

I’m search a web page, filling a form and asking for a return. The program does this beautifully and will reload the form from the CSV file for multiple records etc. No problem there. Love it…

However, the return for a given entry has a range of potential results in terms of what that returned page will display, after which I’d like to drill down another level.

Let’s say possible page return A may show a Star. Possible Page B return may show a tree and so on.

If I could get the macro to simply ignore an image and continue if it doesn’t see it and then look for the next possible image and so on I could fashion a crude IF THEN ELSE in this fashion.

I’m using the desktop version.

Thank You!

Exactly this can be done with the Set ErrorIgnore True command :slight_smile:

ErrorIgnore (true/false): If set to true, SeeShell continues the macro execution after an error (e. g. after an image is not found). This is very useful to click on buttons that are only sometimes on the screen.

In seeshell chrome you find this also in the demo-javascript macro that ships with it, but of course it works in the desktop version as well. what this macro also does is to reduce the “wait for image to show” timeout, so it does not wait so long for the image to still show.