If we run the .html files using command line , can we ensure that LOOP command starts from row 2?

I want to start a test case from command line and run it using PLAY LOOP from second line.

Is it possible ?
If I change the csv line number
say , if csvlinenumber==1
increment csv line number

any suggestions ? @ulrich/@admin

Thanks a lor

You can not “press” the LOOP button via command line. But you not need this, if you use a While… End loop inside your macro.

If needed, you can send values from the command line to the macro via the &!cmd_var1=VALUE parameter.

To start in row 2 for the CSV reading, use Store | 2 | !csvReadLinenumber, see https://ui.vision/docs#!csvreadlinenumber

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Thanks @Timo It was really helpful . Thanks a lot.