If_v2 includes some text error undefined is not a function

I need your help for a problem that blocks me.
I am looking to do a text search in a variable. Not getting there, I tried to take over the base.

Executing:  | store | toto u baba | texttest | 
Executing:  | echo | ${texttest} |  | 
toto u baba
Executing:  | if_v2 | ${texttest}.includes("u") === true |  | 
**Line 16: Error in condition of if_v2: undefined is not a function**

Why these error ?
My final goal is to search for text in a result page.
I tried doing this with verifytext but it doesn’t work and I don’t understand.

Executing:  | verifyText | xpath=//html | *DEBUT* | 
Line 106: text not matched, 
	expected: "*DEBUT*", 
	actual: "- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------                          

That’s very annoying.
Thanks for your help.

In macros at the start of the year, I did this and it worked but not anymore

      "Command": "if_v2",
      "Target": "${id}.includes(${text})",
      "Value": "",
      "Description": "",

See How to replace includes with indexOf and How to replace startswith with indexOf

Some background info here: Error in condition of if_v2: undefined is not a function - #2 by admin

Thanks a lot for your advice.
It’s work very well
I will adapt my old macro