If I read multiple csv files in one macro with PLAY LOOP , will they all read one line in each csv file per loop

If I’m using multiple csv files in one macro and each csv file has n number of lines and if I run using PLAY LOOP command will it read one line each in each csv per loop.

Please help @ulrich/@admin

Something llike.

perform some commands
csv read
perform some commands
csv read

I recommend you unify all csvs into one so as to simplify the work otherwise it is easy that you will make various mistakes.

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Unify as in ? Multiple columns?

It’s more simple to select the line number with ad unique csv, you can use unlimited columns. With different csv you must control the line number for every csv it’s easy to mistakes.

You can add a control for empty colums to jump in case there are not value.

A good macro require a simply structure to avoid error and bug.

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Okay, Thanks
Do you have any idea for looping through all the rows with the first column to find the matching test case name?

Its like


Next three rows belong to test case 2

Usually i use while command but there are more type of solutions