I want the confirmation button function added to the dialog


if the macro press the button, chrome return confirm box and i need macro function to choose yes or no.
plz add function able choose to chrome confirm box

Do you have an example of the dialog you want to automate? The regular JS “confirm” box can be automated.

first, thx for your reply.
(my english is not good, so please understand me)

how can be automate to confirm box?
It’s hard to show you the example, but process is

  1. press the button and return confirm box (implement)
  2. automate choose yes(or OK) in confirm box (not implement)

plz help me proscess 2)

here is example confirm box image. (just example)
i need automate to press “OK” button in confirm box use RPA.

If the automatic JS dialog pressing does not work (e. g. on complex websites) you can automate by switching to desktop automation and use XClick | Image_of_blue_OK_button.png

automated OK press

Here is a live (pixelated) video snippet of an internal Enterprise RPA automation use case (automated downloads of reports overnight) that uses this method. It clicks a JS dialog that warns that the generated report will be large:

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my xclick is so idiot…
if i use xclick, It doesn’t choose the button I want.

downloaded XModule, screenshot and upload image to button and confirmbox,
green/pink box, use xclick and xdesktopautomation function but I couldn’t solve it.

this image is my automation functions

the problem is if i press the button before return confirm box, click function do not move next step.
(i think click button doesn’t seem to recognize the confirm box, so function stop it)
and xclick doesn’t choose the button I want.
I wonder if xclick’s increase accuracy.

@starbritiz1 Can you please record a screencast of your macro running? Then it will be easier to see what goes wrong.

i want’ to show you my monitor,
but I can’t do that because of the security of the company.

but I’ll show you where the problem lies

My teammate also installed Xmodules and use xclick,
but the xclick is not working properly.
(we check green/pink box, but xclick does not select the pink box
I chose a completely different place)

use UI.Vision RPA 7.0.11

If you use the pink/green boxes you must use XClickRelative - but in your screenshot I see XClick.


thanks you so much.
i solved the problem by using Xclickrelative!