I need small help with kantu / katalon

I am common user and not web / software developer so I don’t know how to write code. I am / was using Selenium / Katalon for renewing my adds but these new versions have a slight change which I don’t know how to bypass.

Problem is second command - link=Istekli oglasi (436)@POS=2
(“istekli oglasi” means “expired adds”)

The thing is each time he renews my expired add the number goes down by one i.e. it says 436 now but next time it will be 435 etc. so he cannot execute command. Is it possible to remove the number of expired adds alltogether so the command can work or could it be modified to work as it should?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks upfront,


You can use partialLinkText or simply the astrix symbol *. So this should work:

Click | partialLinkText =Istekli oglasi@POS=2