I cannot make a selection in a drop down because it is a popup apart of the website

I have an issue where I click on a link on a website (tab 0) and a dialog box pops up. The pop up is not a new window, nor tab, but the pop up is on the same website page tab (tab 0) where the actual page is grayed out so the pop up box is the only thing that is active to click inside. There is a drop down box inside of the popup where I need to make a selection. Ui.Vision is not allowing me to select anything in the popup because it is not actually apart of the website source page (tab 0). How can I click the dropdown and select an option in the popup? Please help.

The popup is in a div container that shows on the main page if that helps.

This is an hard case you can use 2 solutions

  1. Use image regonition to click with desktop automation


  1. Use Xtype to switch in popup and after with KEY_TAB try to detect select


There are are hard solution you must try more times because it’s an hard case to solve this.

An alternative solution can be try to force browser to not open in new window (with about config of firefox) or extact the url to click and open it in new tab without clicking on it.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I used the second option “Use Xtype to switch in popup and after with KEY_TAB try to detect select”. Because I am using Xcommands that means I have to pay for a license?

With free xmodules you can use 25 commands Xtype or Xclick in a macro you can use free xmodules for limited amount of commands.

Just for confirmation, if a test folder has 20 macros inside, each of those 20 macros can have up to 25 Xcommands for free? Or does the test folder overall only receives 25 Xcommands?

Free play can use max 25 xtype/xclick command for each macro or testsuite.

Testsuite will stopped to execute command when reachs 25 xtype/xclick command for free plan