I can not use VPN extension when I installed UI Vision

I’m just a simple user and whenever I install UI Vision I can not use VPN on chrome. It shows this: https://i.imgur.com/rhdKLH7.png
Any Idea what to do or how to resolves this?

I also have the same problem ui vision is incompatible with various browser extensions in my case firefox because it detects that it controls the proxy going to conflict with other extensions for example with Urban vpn and also Video DownloadHelper and other proxy and vpn extensions

I don’t think there is currently a fix.

Waiting @admin for suggestion

Should I post this as a bug report then?

I love to use this software but it is conflicting with my VPN’s so I have to uninstall it just for now. Also just to mention other alternative extension like Selenium IDE or Katalon Recorder does not have this issue (altho I cannot edit json file there so I prefer UI Vision).

Waiting for a response from @admin
This bug is caused by the fact that ui vision controls the proxy function and the addons detect that the proxy is already controlled by another extension and they conflict. This bug also happens with Video DownloadHelper video downloader extension reporting a conflict with ui vision (firefox version)

Ui.Vision has as a PROXY command, and this conflicts with other extensions that want to control the proxy.

Having said this, when do you not run a macro with the PROXY command inside, this issue should not happen! => It is probably a bug and we will try fix it. Once fixed, I will update this forum post.

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I add an image to show the bug of proxy

Firefox with ui vision 6.2.6 without using proxy command in ui vision