Html Autorun Doesn't Open File Manager

Hi. Im working on my automated testing using Kantu.
In scenario kantu clicks to a box which open file manager.
When I play the macro on browser extension macro completes successfully . But if I run the exported autorun html with params all commands work successfully but file manager doesn’t open and macro doesn’t give an error. Is this some kind or am I missing something.

r"file:///" +path_to_html + “?macro=?+“macro_name+”&closeKantu=0&direct=1&savelog=kantu_log.txt”
As you see Upload box has successfully clicked but file manager didn’t show up.

But when i play the macro from browser extension file manager opened successfuly

You must have in browser default to save the txt file downloaded.

Run a macro step by step and you will find the file manager, set default save the txt file for log of ui vision.

In my old test i see if you have not defalut to save the file the macro close the file manager of the browser.

I think the answer is not relevant

Just to clarify: So all works fine when the macro is played manually, but it fails if the same macro is started via the command line?

Is the browser in front in both cases?

Yes browser in front in both cases.
Macro not fails on both two cases. It doesn’t open file manager and kantu assumes the click operation is successful, in command line.
Idk how did i manage the open file manager. if i open the chrome console in beginning of macro file manager opens. So i added Xtype ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_SHIFT+I}

Adding this solved the problem??

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yeah but it’s still a issue i think

I agree, but it is good to know that there is at least a workaround for now :slight_smile: