Html Auto-Run -- Does it work for a test suite?

Can the HTML auto-run be applied to a test suite? If so, is there an example I can study from?

The (any) Folder is Testsuite testsuites can be triggered via command line API.

For this, just use any HTML auto-run page and add &folder=foldername to the URL. This is exactly the same as the macro switch, but it runs all macros inside a folder. This means every folder can be used test suite.

For example, in this python script (line 17) just replace

args = r’file:///’ + path_autorun_html + ‘?macro=’ + macro + ‘&cmd_var1=’ + var1 + ‘&cmd_var2=’ + var2 + ‘&cmd_var3=’ + var3 + ‘&closeKantu=0&direct=1&savelog=’ + log


args = r’file:///’ + path_autorun_html + ‘?folder=’ + foldername + ‘&cmd_var1=’ + var1 + ‘&cmd_var2=’ + var2 + ‘&cmd_var3=’ + var3 + ‘&closeKantu=0&direct=1&savelog=’ + log

and you can run a testsuite!

Thanks, ulrich, it works perfectly!