Howto upgrade from 6.0.6 to 6.1.1

I have free chrome ext 6.0.6 , I can see on the store that 6.1.1 is ready , but it did not upgrade.
I can uninstall and install and it will upgrade,
but anyway to do this without uninstall ?

Turn on developer mode on the extensions page and then click the update button


that work well, I do not remember that this is how it worked
most of my ext updated on its own

When we release a new version, we initially limit the rollout to only 5% of all users. And only when all is ok (= no regression bugs reported) then we release it for everyone. Typically that happens 1-2 weeks later. But as @User9898 said, you can always manually initiate an update.

We run our own QA, but our test automation can never cover the amazing variety of UI.Vision RPA use cases and ideas that our users have come up with. This step-by-step release helps us to make sure that a new release does not inadvertently break existing macros.