How to XClick at current cursor location

How do you XClick at the cursor location in Desktop automation?

Due to the task I am trying to accomplish, I must move the cursor to a specific location and then iteratively {KEY_DOWN} to operate on an entire list of elements in a scrollable window. Since the distance that {KEY_DOWN} travels is at odds with the height of the list rows, I follow a pattern of key down, key down, key down, right click … execute script … key down, key down, right click … execute script and so on until every 77th row, when I add an extra key down to make up for the cursor drift. So I can not simply define a relative target to click in the list when the location of the row varies based on the position that key down moves to. I need a way to XClick directly where the cursor is located.

Just for your information, I am trying to right click on and retrieve all the profile URIs of a Spotify user’s “Following” list in the desktop app.

Desktop automation is done visually

Add image and screencast your question I don’t understand

Discovered a solution to the problem using relative xclick, thanks