How to work with the changing ID

Hi Team,
as recorded, part of the macro as beneath:

“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “id=tlcfvedpei”,
“Value”: “my test”

while in the F12->Elements, the code is:

so the issue is: the page which i’m trying to input the value
“test” into the box(as above in the macro showed), the id value(“id=tlcfvedpei” part, in this example, it’s “tlcfvedpei”) changed EACH TIME when the page is refreshed, so it means next time it maybe “titf8grc0d” after the page refreshing, so basically just a random character string(chars). so how can we retrieve this value dynamically, so that the macro can work as in expected steps?

i've read basically the tutorial here:,

but, as the ID is totally unique each time i reload the page, Not only parts of the ID changing, so i don’t quite sure how to fix the code in the macro(don’t like to use the visual automation plus “elementFromPoint” method, compared with it, i’d prefer to use the code, because it looks simpler).


The easiest solution would be to find the element visually.

Id is not the only thing you could identify element with. But it’s hard to help without looking at the page itself.

oh…what a pity the code is omitted by the editor’s format, so i will paste it here again for reference.

while in the F12->Elements, the code is:

<input id="tlcfvedpei" class="none" type="text" placeholder="Input your text here" value="my test" name="">

I said “the page itself”.
With given information the only way to match is the length of id and even then I’m not sure if its applicable. Cause… I don’t see the page.
Good luck.