How to use SeeShell Web in full screen (Full HD)

I use Seeshell web to test a web software on a multi-touch table with resolution Full HD.
The maximum resolution of the monitor is Full HD.
With Seeshell, I can’t click on image on the bottom of the screen and below the sidebar even it is hidden.

Is it possible to run a macro in fullscreen with a Full HD resolution (with titlebar, tabs bar and sidebar hidden) ?

During the year 2019, this web software could be in 4K resolution.

Hi, can you please add a screenshot of the problem?

I’m not have capability to extract a screen copy. The two diagrams joined explain the problem (software openned inside Chromium and software openned inside Seeshell web).
As you see on screencopy of Seeshell, the software is not "responsive design) but static design. The toolbars and visual element are docked to the corner of the chromium embedded inside Seeshell.

I recommend that you switch from SeeShell Browser to Kantu:

  • Kantu runs directly in Chrome and Firefox, so page rendering is always 100% accurate.

  • With the latest releases, Kantu learned too see :slight_smile: In other words, you can now use image commands as well, for example XClick (image).