How to Use Multiple User Credentials in Different Macros

I wondered if I was planning on using multiple usernames and passwords; that would then be used in various scenarios, however, I do not want to copy over the User Credentials each time.

For example, should I put the usernames and passwords in its Macro (User Credentials)?

Store | Current User (+1) (each time this runs)

User #1

User #2

Question - Can I then loop into another Macro and carry over the fields titled:


Then loop back into the Macro called (User Credentials)

The simplest solution is to create a csv file with all the usernames and passwords and have the macro extrapolate the data necessary for login

hello @mc84usa

To use multiple user credentials in different macros, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Define your user credentials: Store your user credentials in a secure location, such as a password manager or a configuration file. For example, you might have multiple sets of credentials for different APIs or services you use.
  2. Create macros: Create your macros as separate modules in your programming language of choice. In each macro, you’ll need to define variables to hold the user credentials you want to use.
  3. Set up authentication: In each macro, use the user credentials variables to authenticate with the API or service you’re accessing. The specifics of authentication will depend on the API or service you’re using. Some may require you to pass the credentials as parameters in a function call, while others may require you to set up authentication headers. You can also refer this source .
    Hope it will help you.