How to use common global variables to map data in different csv files across different macros?

I’m quite new to Kantu.
Is it possible that if I use name of the test case across macros as a common global variable (stored in csv) to map the data across different macros.

Say , TestCase1 is a global variable , so if it has three rows in csv pertaining to macro1 and two rows in csv pertaining to macro 2, should it should only execute the number of rows which has matching global variable and shouldnt execute if it doesnt have a matching global variable.

Thanks a lot

Hi @admin Could you please provide some guidance on this? Thanks

I am confused. What has a global variable to do with a CSV file?

Hi @Timo @admin I want to fetch the name of the test case as a global variable from csv file and use the same name in first column of each csv file which I’m going to use in macros
Hope this helps

Hi @ulrich could you please please advise on this? Thank you so much