How to tuneup the Jenkins to periodically launch tests? (Kantu Chr/FF)

I found some minor info about the way to start Kantu’s scripts on Jenkins. If i understood correctly, that info is about SeeShell. But i would like to start Kantu(seleniumIDE) tests periodically. Is it possible with jenkins or any other environment?
Where can i find more detailed info?
Thanks in forward.

Kantu macros and test cases can be started from the command line. That should work with Jenkins, Windows task scheduler and any other tool that can call command lines.

If you use the command line, note the - savelog=filename.txt switch: This saves the log (content of the Log tab) plus a header status header as a text file once the macro has completed. The log is saved whether the run was successful or not. The calling script (e. g. Batch file, Python or Powershell) can check for the existence of this file to make sure the macro run completed). The first line of the log file is always the status of the macro run (error or success, and the error message, if any).

Does this solution work for you?

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sorry i didn’t read that part of HowTo, my bad =(
I launch the script by cmd.
For me sometimes (approx 30-50% of runs) the alert pops up
and it doesn’t care about settings are allowed for open file URLs and ?direct=1
Are there any lifehacks about this?

This dialog is inside the generated HTML file. You find it at the end of the file. Its purpose is only to remind first-time command line users to allow file access. But it seems the warning timeout of 2s (2000ms) is too short.

Solution: You can manually increase the timeout from 2000 to e. g. 20000 and it should never show up. Or simply remove the alert part completely from the html source code:

  var timer = setTimeout(function () {
    alert("Error: It seems you need to enable File Access for Kantu in the extension settings.")
  }, 2000)
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This issue is fixed now with V3.5.0, along with many other command line improvements.