How to track errors and resume loops when server side is slow/unresponsive

So I have the following scenario:

  1. Website is extremely slow and hardly responsive
  2. I’m trying to fill out a series of drop down menu bars that auto populate with different options based on the previous selection. I.e. if you select option A, then you can chose from 1, 2, or 3 on the next drop down OR if you select option B, then you can chose from 4, 5 or 6.
  3. Not sure how to move from one selection to the next since the wait time between each option is so erratic. Could be 2 seconds or 5 minutes

Background: I am currently using either click or xclick to select the menubar items. Some require me to use xclick x,y as I haven’t been able to find the correct item with macro record. The macro works perfectly when the website is working quickly as I have put in a few causes. But the problem is sometimes the website is either too slow to register my previous click and so the next drop down menu bar does not have any options available to select yet. Another issue is sometimes the website crashes entirely and I have completed loops say 5 out of 10. How can I refresh the page and continue from say loop 6 - I’m guessing a loop variable counter that then resumes from that point?

Can you use “visualVerify” to make sure that click worked (= dropdown is open)?