How to store variable with 2 CSV open

How to store variable of 2 CSV ?
can i do that? if can, how?

what do you mean with this?

sorry for my bad english.

in kantu for chrome:
for read we use csvRead, example if :
csvRead : car_name.csv

and open again another file csv.

csvRead : brand_name.csv

to get value csv
we use ’ store ’ : ${!COL1}

how i get : ${!COL1} in car_name.csv and get ${!COL1} brand_name.csv in 1 workflow?

You have to read 1 file and if you need data later you store values in an array and then read the next one.
Same with writing.
You can use only two different files simultaneously, one file for read and one for write.

ah i see, so i need read 1 file and store it to variable and read again and store it to another variable.

thanks for logic.

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