How to stop executing all following Macros in a folder or Test suite if one macro fails?

I am loving Kantu a lot but I couldn’t find an option/workaround that is important to any test automation. Currently, If a folder or test suite contains multiple macros and if one macro fails for legit reason then it still continues to play the rest of the macros. I want the whole operation to stop right after a macro fails as there’s no point running the following macros if a pre-requisite to them fails to complete. Is there a way to achieve this? I am not sure if it’s a known bug or it is intentionally put like that. I see an option to continue or stop the execution if an error occurs in loop but no option like this if a macro fails in a folder/test suite. Please include this crucial feature or suggest me a workaround to mimic this.


A possibile solution is set if with pause when statusOK = false

Here the info of statusOK command

Hi! This is a very good suggestion. Currently a test suite runs all macro inside it, and then reports the status of each in the log.

But you are right, for some kind of test suites it makes good sense to stop the execution if a certain key test fails. At the very least, this saves time. => I added this suggestion to our todo list! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the good suggestion. We added this feature in V5.3.17.

Now you can use Store | true | !GLOBAL_TESTSUITE_STOP_ON_ERROR to tell UI Vision to stop the test suite execution after an error. The default settings is “false”, so by default the RPA software continues to run all tests.

:point_right: Note that !GLOBAL_TESTSUITE_STOP_ON_ERROR is a global variable, so you only need to set it in one of the macros of your test suite! Typically, of course, you would use it in the first macro.