How to start a macro on opening chrome

Hi there,
This is simple I am sure.
I have a linux ubuntu box with chrome installed.
I am running Ubiquti Video and want to make the process of a power failure automatically open chrome, login to the NVR and load the page with the live video feed.
Fortunantly I have got as far as Chrome loading the video feed, however it still hasn’t loaded up full screen.
I have found UI.Vision to be the thing to use to simply enable a click of a full screen button on the website and that would be it.
I can’t figure out how to enable this macro to load in chrome after it reloads.
Can anyone help, I’m sure it’d be super simple for some of you! :slight_smile:

What you could do is; instead of opening chrome with your usual chrome browser, you could open it with a Kantu JASON auto-run file/link which would auto run a Kantu script