How to send AJAX requests from the UI Vision scripts

I am a QA Lead and we are considering using UIvision RPA software as the main tool for our test automation strategy.

I have a question: Is it possible to send AJAX requests from the UI Vision scripts? I would like to do 2 things with this: API tests and reporting to a backend test case management software.

This can be done! The best approach depends on what these scripts do. Do you want to trigger requests inside a web page, or do you “just” want to communicate with a web api, to send that to it?

I just want to communicate with a web api(s):

  • My test would start with an API call, and I would use the return of that call as an input for the auto test in UI Vision. Is that feasible?

  • For reporting purposes, I would like to send AJAX calls based on the logs results, any way to do this?

I recommend to use the XRunAndWait command for the api calls. With XRUN… you can call an external script (e. g. Python) that makes the API call, and then return the result back to the UI Vision macro.

So technically you “outsource” the API calls to a scripting language like Python or Powershell that has dedicated support for this. Or you can use the command line tool cURL.

You did not ask for this, but just to be complete: If you can to call some kind of Javascript function inside a website, you can do this with ExecuteScript. But again, for your use case the XRunAndWait command + script or command line will work best.