How to select a specific radio button

I’m trying to click on a specific radio button on a web page. There are multiple radio buttons that share the same name (no ID at all) and differ in their attribute called ‘value’ which is assigned a number, so what I need to do is to click on a radio button with a chosen value.
I’ve tried this code for instance , using the same logic as for a position :
“Command”: “clickAndWait”,
“Target”: “name=typeProcedure@value=2”,
“Value”: “”
However I get a timeout reached error, because it can’t find this element. So is there a way to solve this problem, or any other suggestion to do what I want? Eventually I will need to change this value depending on some variables that I use in my program. So each time I run the code, the value might not be the same.
Thanks again for your help in advance.