How to search and add pictures

Hi friends,

I’ve recently got into UI.Vision and have used Seeshell (very robust user interface) for automation and loved the interface and ease of usability.
My question is: How to add pictures 。

Have you tried yet to automate it with XClick and XType? This should work very well.

  • Step 1: XClick (image) on the icon
  • Step 2: XClick in the box, then XType the text
  • Step 3: See question below
  • Step 4: XClick (image) on the checkbox+text

Question about Step 3: Do you need to select always the same two folders, or all folders in the dialog (now 2, could it be 1 or 10?).

Thanks for you reply.
Xclick and xtype will not be used,can you give me a example。

The Question is always the same two folders

I use xpath=(//[text()[contains(.,‘文件夹’)]]) can open folders。
But when using variables, I can’t open the folder,
Example: xpath=(//
[text()[contains(.,’{!col2} ')]])

A new question:
I need select 文件名升序,but mouse out can see, only mouse on can choose 文件名升序


It should be ${!col2} not {!col2}

Why that? Maybe try to use the index:

select | index=2

Add.json (4.3 KB)

This is the macro I edited. It has been automated. Do you have an optimized one?

thank you.

Seems a simple web automation your macro, I do not see any offline load of image (hard part), in this case need only use best xpath.

I load image in wordpress from media using simple selenium command (no Xclick, no Xtype, no xmodules) and working like a charm.

Need only to use external tools to detect better paths, ui vision recorder few xpaths.