How to scroll the mouse to particular text in desktop application

How to scroll the mouse to particular position in desktop . I have a datagrid in desktop application where in i have to scroll down the mouse till a particular text from datagrid .
I tried with OCR search but looks like it works only with web application.

Please suggest !

See here: Scroll through dropdown visually with OCR

The same method should work for your datagrid.

I tried with that but did not find any luck . Can you please provide me working code of that so that i can try again.
Instead i tried with Xmove with target image of slider with full view . However, that works but scroll works 80 % but my task is to scroll to its full length. Please suggest further.

I got the solution post worth a week try . I used below code to scroll the full slider from datagrid.

  1. Xmove with image
  2. Xtype with {KEYS_DOWN+KEYS_ENTER}

Happy solving automation issue.