How to scroll pop followers and follow on Instagram

How to scroll text box pop up on instagram follower and following because I want to scroll down using execute javascript script please do not give suggestions by using xtype because I am a free user

Please please help me desperately need not stingy science

Is more simple to use use Mouseover on element with loop and you can scroll all followers

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whether it can be used when I minimize the browser, and what can be used for free users

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Yes Mouseover can be used with non front windows

I prefer to NOT minimize ui vision and browser but i use it in backgroud and Mouseiver work in backgroid too

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You can also watch stories completely anonymously. I can recommend that you check out service, it’s easy to use and pretty effective.

If I were you, I would use a tool called in order to manage your subscribers faster. Moreover, it has an option of scanning your account on a subject of bots and fake followers. Last time it helped me a lot in order to clear everything unnecessary from my acc.

Also, try to use "ctrl + " combination. It might be helpful :slight_smile:

what does this mean???

Ui visions auto-scroll when you execute a command you can use the mouseover command in the footer xpath of a page to scroll easily.
This is a method that works great on almost all sites