How to save a file through a save window?

Hello Kantu users,

I am on mac and used to kantu since two years and I know how to push data in a csv.
However, I never found how to automate download triggered by a click which open a save window.

I searched today on the forum and found the “ondownload” command and someone who want to manage a pdf export with Xtype (I installed my Xmodule). But I tried and don’t know how to deal with the window.

Does someone have a tutorial please ?

Context :
Since I have to download many months reportings, My macro :

  • loads a page from a csv input

  • clicks on two buttons, (the second one triggers the download.)
    The first one is “Export”, the second one is “Excel”
    Capture d’écran 2020-08-13 à 16.31.22
    and I reach them with xpath.

  • When “Excel” button is clicked, a window opens and asks to write the filename and press enter :

Capture d’écran 2020-08-13 à 16.34.10
I would like to automate the filename and that I checked the save button.

I am stuck at this Mac windows, I don’t know what I should write in kantu to pass it.
If i can get through I would loop it.

Many thanks,

Where are you stuck? Can you include a screencast of the process?

I edited my first message to add pictures.

I am stuck when mac OS asks me the name of the file I am downloading.
Kantu macro triggered the Mac’s window within the click on “Excel” button helped by xpath.

At that window : two actions is required
Filename edition, would be : ${!COL1}
and “Enregistrer” button (save in french) must be checked by a click or enter key pressed.

I don’t have a clue how to proceed.

Use XType to enter the file file name, and then another XType | ${KEY_ENTER} to close the file dialog.

Thank you very much Ulrich, it works perfectly :smiley: